23rd European Workshop on White Dwarfs
8-12 July 2024, Barcelona, Spain

The 23rd European Workshop on White Dwarfs will be held in Barcelona from July 8th to 12th, 2024.

In this edition, we have the pleasure of commemorating the 50th anniversary of the workshop meetings, which began in Kiel, Germany, in 1974.

As in previous editions, any topic related to white dwarfs is welcome. In particular, some of the most relevant in recent years have been: 


·         WD Structure and Cooling Processes

·         WD Populations, Galactic Components, Local Star-Formation History, Initial-to-Final Mass Function, Luminosity Function, Mass Distribution

·         WDs in New Surveys

·         WDs in Binaries: Cataclysmic Variables (CVs), Supernova Type Ia Progenitors, Supersoft X-ray Sources, Double Degenerate WD/Brown Dwarf Systems, etc.

·         WD Dust Disks and Planetary Systems

·         WDs in Open and Stellar Clusters

·         WD Atmospheres, Chemical Composition, and Magnetic Fields

·         WD Progenitors; Central Stars of Planetary Nebulae, Hot-subdwarfs

·         Asteroseismology and Pulsating WDs

·         Automated Classification and Statistical Techniques in WD Research 


We look forward to seeing you all in Barcelona24, 

Santiago Torres and Alberto Rebassa-Mansergas on behalf of the LOC/SOC